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Our Services

We understand the power of the web. That’s why we put every ounce of our professional energy and expertise into creating the perfect shop window for your business, at an affordable price, maximising search engine capability to deliver the results you need.

Altitude knows what it takes to properly harness the power of the internet – and we won’t blind you with techno speak or present you with a huge bill in helping you capitalise on its full potential.

It all starts with the right kind of design. From simple starter sites to complex e-commerce sites with on-line shopping capabilities, our highly skilled and experienced web team will give your business a web presence that works for you.

Couple that with our Search Engine Optimisation techniques and analytical tools, we can ensure your website is performing to its optimum level every day it is on-line.

From direct mail campaigns to utilising the internet for viral marketing techniques – whatever tool you want to use to steal a march on your competitors, Altitude is with you every step of the way delivering a first class promotional package that gets results.

Identifying your customers’ needs through marketing is a continual process – and one you will want to get right to maximise returns.

Altitude will help you analyse and identify new opportunities and channels to effectively market your products and services, drawing up a strategy to achieve your targets.

We can then help you utilise different elements of the marketing mix such as postal or electronic mail shots, brochures or market research to best reach your target audience and help you evaluate the results. It’s the total marketing package that gives you total peace of mind.

Harness the power of social media – the 21st century promotional tool that can transform a company’s profile and give it a real edge over its competitors.

The world of Twitter, Facebook etc can be a daunting proposition but don’t underestimate its potential for helping to create a real buzz around your business.

Finding the role social media can play in promoting your business and using it most effectively is the key and that’s where Altitude can help. We know how the world of social media works – but more importantly, we know how to make it work for you.

It is the most powerful form of visual communication and Altitude is up to the challenge – delivering clear, concise and innovative designs to ensure you get noticed and to get your message firmly across.

Process is key to a successful graphic design project – and Altitude is meticulous in its approach to that process.

Our design team will work closely with you to get right under the skin of your business model. We will draw up a series of options that best reflects the message you want to convey, to the audience you want to target.

We will help develop and enhance your ideas, working closely to budget and any specific timescale. At Altitude we pride ourselves on openness and transparency, working hand in hand with the client throughout the process.

Whether it’s a corporate film covering the full range of your services or a short web-based promo, Altitude has the knowledge and expertise to bring your video requirements to the big and small screen.

We work with some of the most talented and imaginative video producers in the business to create a powerful and dynamic visual package, which embraces the full range of multi-media platforms.

Altitude can use a combination of video, graphics and flash technology that meets the needs of any size business and budget.