Established in 2005, Tamar HR has grown to be the trusted HR partner for the South West’s most successful and expanding businesses. Specialising in helping businesses to get the best from their employees by providing support, advice and training; Tamar HR required Altitude to create a website that clearly reflected the expert services they provide, in order to attract clients in need of nurturing and aid.

With an existing yet dated website that was incredibly hard to navigate, difficult to update internally, and attracted little traffic; Tamar HR were keen to work with Altitude to create an updated and optimised online presence, to truly emulate the look and feel of their trusted brand.


Altitude developed a contemporary and image-centric website for Tamar HR, to instantly capture the interest of modern businesses; incorporating a range of line icons as an additional trend feature. Pairing large type with bold images, Tamar HR’s website communicates succinctly and clearly the brand’s goal to nourish and grow local companies, enabling both employees and employers to develop and thrive.

With a unique approach to recruitment based on the three steps ‘Find’, ‘Build’ and ‘Grow’; Tamar HR’s process of helping their clients hire and maintain world-class teams is fresh, and their website reflects this innovative and modernistic mindset. With an emphasis on social media, this website features and promotes the brand’s social networking accounts; encouraging current and potential clients to engage with them regularly online in order to develop lasting relationships.


Tamar HR has reported high conversion rates of online website visits to client relationships. The website has helped to improve the overall image of the brand.