Ramada is a large multinational hotel chain owned by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

Offering luxurious accommodation with superb amenities and service, this popular brand needed a website for a hotel within their UK portfolio; effectively showing off its outstanding facilities.

Wherever your journey takes you, there’s bound to be a Ramada hotel nearby. With over 800 hotels across 63 countries, Ramada is one of the most recognised hotel brands in the world.


Altitude developed a minimalistic website approach for the Ramada ‘Wrexham’, drawing potential guests in by highlighting the hotel’s enthusiasm to go the extra mile for each and every guest.

Cohesive with the well-known Ramada branding, the website uses red as the primary colour for key sections and buttons.

Equipped with everything you could ever need to enjoy your stay, Ramada ‘Wrexham’ offers a warm and friendly welcome, cosy beds for a relaxed and restful stay, and a variety of hotel rooms and experience packages to match every trip; from a family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, a full-scale conference, a baby shower event, a christening, school prom, a party for the festive season or to celebrate a wedding. Altitude ensured that this impressive variety of potential offerings was displayed clearly on the website, defining Ramada as a brand that strives to create caring experiences for every person, every time.

The website features an integrated and platform responsive online booking system, to ensure a stress-free, quick and efficient experience for every guest. Delivering fantastic vacations to many as they make memories of a lifetime, the new booking system allows future guests to make reservations anywhere; capturing the interest of the modern traveller.


The client has reported higher conversion rates of initial visits to the website to secured room bookings. Ramada ‘Wrexham’ continues to enjoy strong sales throughout the year and good direct bookings, rather than relying heavily on external booking sites.